Our vision

Aquascape Awards is a website aimed at promoting the hobby of aquascaping. Our vision is to create a home for aquascaping enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels to show off their work and hopefully win a little something for the effort. 

We want to celebrate the everyday hobbyist, whose talents and work deserves recognition. Please, take the time to submit your aquascapes and promote your work to others. 


The inspirational gallery is to serve as a source of inspiration for new and old aquarists alike. Hopefully visitors to the site see something that sparks their desire to create something new. Maybe, they find something new in the scapes they have yet to try. Hopefully, they stay awhile and enjoy the scenery.  

Many aquascapers can relate to seeing a stunning aquascape in a forum or on some search engines. A beautiful aquascape can leave an impression much like a beautiful painting or photograph. We would like to thank the creators of these works by giving them an inspirational work award and adding them to our gallery

Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.

A final word: Aquascape Awards is an independent volunteer effort. We share your passion and hope you will share your aquascapes with us!

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